The scope of this project is to combine and catalog the four gospels in telling the story of Christ. This is a personal project for which I’m using public tools to create. If I (as I seem to do) offend or cause you who love me to question my faith… please believe that I’m working through the real questions I have, and using the tools at my disposal in pursuit of and active faith with Christ in God. If you’re not a believer; I actually believe this is as real as gravity, but am OK that you don’t. I desire clarity for the Way I’m to be, to pass from knowledge to understanding to wisdom in Truth, and to live with Christ in God.

I am nothing, but a Christian.

Effort will also be given to use the language that lines up my understanding of the words I’m reading with the understanding intended by the writer who transferred God’s revelation to written text, and wrote with a specific audience in mind. I hope to track as many themes and channels of Truth through Christ’s Story as possible. An example of a theme to track is; Physical vs Spiritual and the separations and connection, as well as how a soul works both of them (since these are the only tools I have in this life on Earth). A clear and common understanding of what a soul is made up of is helpful (since the word “soul” is so often used in description of Hell… and other reasons). For this project, my soul is made up of the connection points between spirit and body of which I’m in control (or have the ability through training and exercise to gain some influence over).

Language consistency is necessary for words that were commonly understood to have a specific meaning (when the text was written), but now carry an entirely different meaning. Consider the word: “heart”. Jesus himself refers to “heart” as the imagination (in Matthew’s overview of Jesus’ foundation teachings – ch.5-7). The story of Christ is simplified on multiple levels if the word “imagination” were to be substituted for the word “heart” – when not talking about the muscle inside every human’s chest. I understand that “heart” can also mean “will” or other type of imagery, but isn’t the “will” an offshoot of intentionally produced picture in our imagination that is designed to stimulate internal chemicals that will aid in figuring out how to create… what we will? So, I believe this word substitution is helpful, because most everyone I know thinks of imagination as more of a toy from childhood than a tool in connecting all points of my perception. Imagination is actually re-phrased as; thinking, self-talk or problem solving. Yet, due to lack of discipline is (more often than not) used by adults to imagine the worst of others (to protect myself and those I love). It’s clearer for me to read the word “imagination” than “heart”. It’s just a clearer picture to me of what Christ was teaching.

There are real struggles I have with this project (theological, societal, personal, etc). From questions like, “How can poverty and simplicity live in a capitalistic democratic worldview?”, up to real tough questions like, “How can the Bible be the only final guideline for Truth, and yet carry so many obvious contradictions (i.e. there are only two “Genealogies of Jesus”, but they were both of Joseph’s ancestry… and don’t even agree on the name of Joseph’s dad or which son of David he (and somehow Jesus as well?) descended from. These questions used to feel like blasphemy to ask, but then again… I didn’t really know what blasphemy was when I was afraid of asking these questions. I don’t understand how the Spiritual had (or has) control over the Physical. That Jesus himself said that those who come after him will do the same and greater things (like tell a hill to throw itself into a sea)… and that was right after Jesus killed a fig tree by cursing it for having no fruit (even though it was not fig season)… or, is it all spiritual metaphor… or (hopefully), is reality more than I am experiencing? There was a legitimate season of my life in which these types of questions were too scary to ask. This is where it gets exciting…

The author and the sustain-er of everything in which we live and move and have our being; has nothing to hide. God is no more afraid of our learning that Nature includes a multi-billion years old universe as proven by a new species of mosquito in the London underground not being able to procreate after a few decades separation than he was afraid of the writers of the four gospels being convinced the Earth was flat. He is the only source of everything that is good. He is Truth. He is Life. He is the Way we are to live. We are only expected to be what we are designed to be, but we will also be judged by.

There is nothing to be afraid of. No motive or revolution could ever function outside of the King of Eternity’s knowledge and direct allowance. See, the spirit and the body are not created to be disconnected. That happened when the enemy of God connected humans with lying (the absence of Truth). The bait he used was Self. We took it.

As much as I want to see the same miraculous events that surrounded the life of Christ become a reality in my daily experience, I believe there is an awesome and terrifying reality. That is, the Holiness of God that would expose what we’d prefer to keep hidden. That holiness is a direct offshoot of pursuit of God. Somehow, in the invention of lying, this physical realm appears to allow me the ability to control my sensory input from the only source of good – while still keeping control of much of the good I’ve been entrusted with.

The simple good news of Jesus Christ is in admitting I’m broken; turning away from Self in complete surrender to the One who names himself by the present tense of the verb “To Be”. I AM, Christ, the Word of God made flesh, King, YHWH. Our society seems to prefer the word “eternity” or “heaven” to represent everything outside Nature. Be clear. Use of one, is use of all – there is no separation; there is only with Christ in God. When we choose Self; we (in that moment) are siding with the core of the rebellion that Christ’s suffering and death can cure. We are allowed (in this moment) to claim allegiance to Christ, but none of us are guaranteed to have that choice tomorrow. That is the only way to really know if you are a citizen of eternity or a citizen of Self – once we are all in eternity.

I think this is the best tool for me to sabotage Self in my life; in pursuit of the Father in Christ who is the Way the Truth and the Life – no matter the means to that end.

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